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Stream Channel Fav. Information
101 TV Various programs
Web 11 Channel TV channel from Dnipropitrovsk
Web 20 Minuten Recorded news
24 TV News channel
Web 24ur Recorded news items
Web 2CTSTV Recorded streams available on website
2M General TV channel
Web 3 Alacarta Three different channels available on website(Catalan)
3 Channel Satellite channel (Sky Canale 872)
3ML Regional TV from Midden-Limburg
Web 3PTV Local TV from Pölten
3Sat General TV channel
3TV Ch. 5 Not always online
3TV Ch. 6 Not always online
3TV Ch. 7 Not always online
3TV Ch. 9 Not always online
7 DNI TV General TV channel
7 News Recorded news available on website
Web 7 RM Regional TV from Murcia
Web 7news Recorded news available on website
9 Live Phone-in quiz show
Web ABC News On demand News
Web Abriendo Brecha Recorded news available on website||
ABS General TV channel
Abu Dhabi TV General TV channel
Web A-Channel Local TV channel serving Barrie/Toronto, Ottawa,Victoria/Vancouver, London, Windsor and Wingham
Web ACTV Broadcasting independent video about social, environment,human rights, video art etc
Adim TV General TV channel
Web Afghanistan TV Recorded TV shows
AFNL General TV channel
Web Aftonbladet Recorded items
Agape TV General TV channel
Ahlulbayt Satellite Community Access TV
Web Air Force News from the Air Force
Akilli TV Local TV from Istanbul
Web Al Jazeera (en) News TV channel
Al Kawthar TV
Web Al Resalah Satellite channel
Alalam Satellite television channel in Arabic offeringinternational news and Internet TV
Alanya TV Local TV from Alanya
Web Alava 7 Local TV from Vitoria
Alfold TV General TV channel
Alforat TV General TV channel
Web Alghero Notizie Local TV from Alghero
AllTV 100% live content with on-line chat; 24/7 in someweeks
ALO TV Estonian Music
Alpha TV General TV channel
Web Alt TV Alternative channel
Altarek TV Christian TV channel
Web Altermedia General TV channel
Amaury JR General TV channel from Sao Paulo
Web America TV Located in Lima. Streams available on thewebsite||
Antena 2 General TV channel
Antena 3 General TV channel
Antena International General TV channel. Archived newsavailable
Antena International General TV channel
Antenna 5 Local TV from Empoli (FI)
Web Antenna 6 Web TV
Web Antenna Sicilia Local TV
Web Antenne Centre Regional TV from Louvière and Sud-Hainautwith recorded news
Web Antenne Réunion Recorded news
Web Antilles TV Recorded news available on website
Aragon Television Local TV from Aragon (sometimesonline)
Arcoiris TV Local TV from Sarzana
Web ARF Regional TV from Ausseer
Arges TV Local TV from Pitesti
Web Ariane Space Archived videos available on website
Arirang General sports TV channel
Ark TV Local TV from Curitiba
ArpadHir News TV channel
Art Channel Art Channel is much more than a satellite tv program- it is an artwork for itself : Television as Art
ART TV Local TV from Amasya
ARTN Armenian-Russian Television Network
Web Assemblee nationale The National Assembly (not alwaysonline)
Astra TV
ASTV Local TV from Grande-Synthe
AT5 Local news from Amsterdam
ATA TV Local TV from Ankara
AtalaiaNet Christian Evangelical channel
ATM TV Local TV from Kranjska Gora
ATV General Television channel
ATV Information, education and entertainment
ATV General TV channel
Web ATV Recorded local news broadcast from Antwerp
Web ATVN Professional scientific program with huge archive
Audi TV Info channel of Audi
AVS (1. maandag) Regional TV with recorded news
AVS (2. dinsdag) Regional TV with recorded news
AVS (3. woensdag) Regional TV with recorded news
AVS (4. donderdag) Regional TV with recorded news
AVS (5. vrijdag) Regional TV with recorded news
AVS (6. zondag) Regional TV with recorded news
Ay TV General TV channel
Web AZN TV Asian oriented channel
AZTV The Azerbaijan State TV
Web B92 News headlines
Bacska TV Local TV from Baja
Bagri TV General TV channel
Bahn TV Channel dedicated to the traffic
Band RS General TV channel
Web Bangla TV Recorded news from Ruposhi Bangla TV. Archived newsavailable on website
Barcelona TV Local TV (shows a webcamview of Barcelona when it is not broadcasting)
Web Bart-Sat Local TV from Kablowa
Web Bayerischer Rundfunk Regional TV from Muenchen
Web BBC 4 Recorded items available on website
BBC London Daily mix of the best news, sport & travel forLondon
Web BBC-Channel Islands News TV
BBC-Click Recorded technology news
BBC-Daily Politics Political TV show
Web BBC-Look East The latest local newscast for the regions:Cambridgeshire, Essex, Northamptonshire, Suffolk, and Norfolk
BBC-Newsnight Recorded news
BBC-Panorama Investigative TV Show
BBC-Question Time News related TV program
Web BBC-South East today Three recorded bulletins available:lunchtime,evening and night-time
Web BCCTV News Recorded news from Vancouver
Web BDTV Local newssite with every actual newsstreams. Mostly localrelated (Tilburg / Den Bosch)
Belarus TV First National TV channel
Belgesel TV TV from Istanbul
Web Berlin TV Touristic channel
Web BGTV General TV channel
BGWeb Web TV
BHTV Recorded news broadcast from the Public Broadcast Service ofBosnia & Herzegovina
Web Biglobe Broadband Internet TV site with recordedstreams
Web BKF Local TV from Eisenstadt
Web BMETV TV channel dedicated to support black and minority ethnicpersons who wish to access or develop a career in the creative industries
Web BNT (news) Bulgarian National Television (recorded newsbroadcasts)
Web BNT (sports) Bulgarian National Television (recorded sportsbroadcasts)||
Bonao TV Local TV from Bonao
Bonobo TV Alternative channel
Boschtion TV Local TV from Den Bosch
Bozlak TV
BP 13 Local cable TV from Budapest
Web BRF TV Regional TV from Eupen
Web Bridges TV American Muslim Life Style Entertainment
BRN TV General TV channel
BRT-2 TV Turkisch oriented
BRTV Local TV from Karabuk
BTK international Military channel
BTK national Military channel. Sometimes online
Web BTV General TV channel
Web Buitenhof TV Political program with recorded streams
Bundesligen TV Soccer channel
Burgenland TV Regional TV
C9 Television Local channel from Lille
Cadena Local Local TV from Madrid
Web Cadenatres General TV channel
Calais TV Local TV from Calais
Cana TV Local TV from Romana
Canal 11 General TV channel
Canal 11 Paraná Local TV from Paraná
Canal 12 General TV channel
Canal 13 Digital Local TV from Gran Canaria
Canal 23 University TV from Caribe, Barranquilla
Web Canal 3/24 Live and recorded news broadcasts. 4 different livestreams available (EN DIRECTE:)
Web Canal 9 Local TV from Sierre
Canal Castello TV Local TV from Castellon
Canal de Sao Paulo General TV channel
Canal DTV General TV channel
Canal Integración TV channel specialized in South America,representing the culture of this area
Web Canal Latino TV from Las Palmas (Gran Canaria)
Web Canal Maritima Local TV from Martigues
Canal Provincial
Canal Savoir Talk-show and scientist channel in Frenchlanguage
Canal te General TV channel from Amposta
Canal TV Web Web TV
Canal UNE Local TV from Medellin
Canal Universitario University of Vitoria Television
Web Canal Uno TV from Quito with recorded news
Web Canal Zoom Local TV from Gembloux with recorded items
Canal-10 Local TV from the province of Tucuman
Canal-10 Regional TV from Chiapas
Canal-10 Yuna Vision TV channel from Bonao, Province MonsenorNouel
Canal-11 Located in San Miguel City, BuenosAires Province
Web Canal-11 TV On Demand-television, interviews, talkshows,science
Web Canal-12 General TV channel
Canal-13 General TV channel
Canal-13 TD Recorded news from Channel 13 of Rio IV City, Province of Cordoba
Canal-2 Local TV from Santa Cruz
Canal-21 Movie and news channel from Cascavel
Canal-21 General TV channel
Canal-24 Ciudad Local TV from Montevideo
Canal-24 Ciudad TV from Montevideo
Web Canal-28 General TV channel
Canal-29 General TV channel from Vallalodid
Canal-3 General TV channel
Canal-4 Local TV from San Juan
Canal-4 Local TV from Esquel (Chubut)
Web Canal-4 News from Paysandu TV
Canal-5 Local TV from the province of Tucuman
Canal-54 General TV channel
Canal-6 TV channel from Posadas, Misiones province
Canal-7 Located in Santiago del Estero
Canal-7 General TV channel
Canal-7 Local TV from Madrid
Canal-7 Mendoza Broadcasting from Mendoza
Canal-81 General TV channel
Web Canal-9 SNT TV channel from Asuncion
Web Canal-9i TV from Gualan. Cultural, informational, social, andentertainment programming
Canale 7 Local TV from Monopoli
Canale-10 Local TV from Firenze
Canale-66 Local TV from Szczecin
Cancao Nova Live from Sao Paulo
Cap 24 Local TV from Paris
Web Caracol tv Recorded news broadcasts available onwebsite
Carpe Diem Sat General TV channel
Cartv Regional TV from Aragon
Cay TV TV channel from Rize
CBC Calgary Local news from Calgary
CBC Edmonton Recorded Edmonton evening news
CBC Igalaaq Local news from Igalaaq
CBC Manitoba Local news from Manitoba
CBC Montreal Local news from Montreal
CBC New Brunswick Recorded news at six from Fredericton, NewBrunswick
CBC North Recorded daily news in inuktitut language
CBC North English version of recorded daily news
CBC Northbeat Local news from Northbeat
CBC Nova Scotia Recorded News from Halifax, Nova Scotia CA(CA)
CBC Ottawa Local Ottawa news, weather and sports
CBC P.E.I. Local news from Charlottetown
CBC Saskatchewan Local news from Saskatchewan
CBC Toronto Local news from Toronto
CBC Toronto Recorded News from Toronto
CBC Vancouver Recorded News from Vancouver
CBFT General TV channel
Web CCTV (All channels) Various TV channels from CCTV (uses a P2Pplugin)
CCTV-3 Music and dance programs
CCTV-4 Serves overseas audiences and residents in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan
CDM Located in Cadena De Miligro
Center TV Local TV from Koln
Cervantes TV Culture channel
CETV Recorded news
Channel 1 TV channel is located in the USA
Web Channel 10 General TV channel
Channel 5 Recorded news available on website
Web Channel 7
Channel 7
Web Channel J Web TV
Channel Live TV Urban reality TV
Web China TV China Television Company
Web CHSTV CHSTV Worldwide is America's only daily live Internet newsbroadcast produced by, for, and about teens
Cinquestelle TV General TV channel
City TV Local TV from Budapest
CityNews Toronto's 24 newssource
CLTV Live from 11:00 am to 01 am ET
Web CMI Recorded news
ColorVision Channel 9
Congo Planet
Web Corbina Portal with 20 live tv channels
CoswigTV Regional TV from Coswig
Web CP TV IT channel
Crestin TV Christian TV channel
Web CRTV Recorded news
Web CT Two general statutory TV channels (Recorded streams availableon website)
Web CTV Vancouver TV. News at six, including archives
CTV Macoris Local TV from San Pedro De Macoris
Web CTV Montreal Local TV
Cubavision From Havana. Politics, economy, science andculture
Web CV TV General TV channel
Web Cyprus ITV General TV channel
Web Da Ai TV General TV channel
Web Dagens Nyheter Recorded news
Web Daiwa Recorded streams available on website
Dami Radom Regional TV from Radom
Web Darom TV Recorded items
Web DDS Experimental TV
Web DDS Experimental TV, not always online
Web De Standaard Large newspaper providing recorded newsstreams
Delta TV Regional TV from Eastern Macedonia and Thrace
Web Demain TV focusing on employment, free enterprise, business andeducation
Web Demet TV Local TV in Turkish language
Web Dep. Of State Departement of State
Web Deutscher Bundestag German Parliament in Berlin
Web DGF TV Health TV
DHD 24 TV Interactive TV channel
Dhoom TV General TV channel
Dier en natuur TV Web TV. Selection of AVRO animalprograms
Digi TV General TV channel
Digital 15 General TV channel
Web Direct 8 General TV channel from the group Bollere
Web DI-VE Various TV streams
DK 24 Nordjyske Local News
DK 24 Nordjyske Local News
DK 4 General TV channel
DOGU TV TV from the East of Turkey; featuring world of trade,agricultural and cattle-raising technologies, stock-breeding trademarket, music and talkshows
Domincan York TV General TV channel
Donau TV Regional TV from Deggendorf
DongNai 1 Government TV
Dorotea TV Local TV channel from Dorotea, Lapland,Sweden
Web DR 1 General TV channel
Web DR 2 General TV channel
Web DR Online Recorded news (live at 12:00, 18:30 and 21:00Hour)
Web Dresden Fernsehen Local TV from Dresden
Duna II Autonomia General TV channel
Duna TV Newsarchive from Hungary available on website
Web Eastlink Offers a wide variety of local programming
Web Eberswalde Local TV
Ebru TV Local TV
Web Echo TV Economical news (Videogaléria)
Web Echo TV Global Local TV from Parikoia
Edirne TV General TV channel
Web EDTV Local newssite with every day 2 actual newsstreams. Mostlylocal related (Brabant)
EJIDO TV Local TV from El EJido (Almaria)||
Web El Dia Local TV from Tenerife
El Independiente TV from Las Palmas (Gran Canaria)
Web Elbekanal Regional TV from Schönebeck
Elif TV Local tv from Kayseri
Web Elisa TV Ranging from karaoke videos to short films and children's cartoons
Ellada TV Local TV
Web Elsterwelle Local TV from Lausitz
Embratel 21 TV from the Embratel Institute
Erciyes TV Local TV
ERT Local TV from Konya-Ereuli
ERT3 ET3 General TV channel
Web Erta Recorded news available on website
Web ERTV Regional TV from Görlitz
Web Esmas TV
Estrada TV Local TV from Estrada
ESTV General TV channel
ETV Local TV from Esztergom
E-TV Local TV from Bolgna
Web Euro 3 Ost Regional TV from Bodensee and Ravensburg
Web Euro 3 West Regional TV from the region Bodensee West &Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg||
Web EUX TV News about the European Union
Expo channel Commercial TV channel
Expo channel
Web Expressen Web TV
Extra Canal 42 General TV channel
Faikham TV Local TV from Bangkok
Festival TV Dutch music and party TV
Web FGMTV FangGuangMing
Web Findaway Cultural alternative TV from Berlin
Fix TV Web TV
Web Florida Channel News, documentary, and human interest programs.This TV channel is aservice of WFSU-TV and the Florida Legislature
Flott-TV Local TV from Guenzburg
Focus TV Local TV from Zalau
Focus TV Local TV from Bistrita
Web Focus-WTV Regional Flemish TV with news
Web Fox Sports Recorded items available on video section
Web France 2 Recorded news from 1 PM
Web France 3 Corse Local news from Corsica
Web France 5 News TV with local and international news
Full Arts S4
Full Arts TV
Full Television Canal 39 Local TV channel from Santa Cruz de laSierra
Gazeta Besa Local TV in Albanian language
Gelisim TV Progress-orientated broadcast, focussing onnews
Gems TV Offers online jewelry products
Gigavision National network
Web Globes TV
Web Globo TV General TV channel
Web Globovision Recorded news available on website
Web Gotthard TV TV from the city Szentgotthard
GPB Public broadcasting
GPTV Regional TV from Friesland
Graafschap TV Local TV from Oost Gelderland
Granollers TV General TV channel
Web Greenpeace TV Streaming news items available on thewebsite
Web Greenpeace TV Streaming news items available on thewebsite
Web Greifswald Regional TV from Greifswald
Web Greifswald TV Regional TV from Greifswald(Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)
Grupo FM TV Local television from Veracruz
GSTV News Local news from Ahmedabad Gujarat
Guatevision General TV channel
Guimaraes TV Regional TV
Gun TV Local TV from Tokat
GunAz TV Issues of North and South Azerbaijan, music, politicsand live discussions
Gunes TV Local TV from Malatya
Guney TV Local TV from Bilinmiyor
Guysen TV Infos, videos and reports on the Middle East
Gypsy TV Gypsy TV
H1TV Local TV from Hittnauer
Web Hairenik Recorded news
Web Hajduszoboszlo Local TV from Hajduszoboszlo
Hakk TV Religious TV
Halom TV TV channel from the city of Szazhalombatta
Web Hamburg 1 Recorded news
Web Hamm TV Local TV from Hamm
Web Hamm TV Local TV from Hamm
Web Hello Austria Updated weekly
Help TV Consulting television from Dortmund
Web Hessischer Rundfunk Regional TV from Hessen
Web Het gesprek On Demand-television, interviews,talkshows
Web Hichannel 4 Streams available on website
Hidabroot Spiritual channel
Hilal TV Satellite channel
Hi-life TV
Hilversum best Various programs from all time
Web HIP TV Entertainment
History Channel Documentary TV
HKATV General TV channel with recorded news
Horizon TV General TV channel
Web HS TV Regional TV from Heinsberg
Web HTV 1 General TV channel
HTV 7 General TV channel
HTV10 Ho Chi Minh City TV
Web HTV9 Ho Chi Minh City TV
IB3 Regional TV from the balears
Web IBA Mabat news You can watch the Mabat news-cast live everynight
Ictimai TV Public TV
Web iDnes Internet news TV (Recorded streams available onwebsite)
IIV Channel Internet Interactive Channel
Web Imagen News and culture Television
Impresa Live Chamber of Commerce of Milan
Web Impress TV General TV channel
Web Indus Vision Drama channel
Info 24 General TV channel
Web Info TV Local TV from Arad
Infotelevisio Local TV from Valencia
Web INQ7 Recorded news
Web InteracTV Four live streams corresponding to four emotionalfeelings - Green - Yellow - Blue - Red
Interia General TV channel
Web Internet TV Regional TV
INTV The infochannel from Ingolstadt
Iquique Canal 10 General TV channel from Rancagua
Irib TV1 National TV channel with various programmes
Irib TV2 National TV channel with various programs
Irib TV4 National TV channel full of documentaries and scientificprograms
Irib TV5
IRTV Recorded news (weekly updated). IRTV is an Iranian tvlive-streaming from Los Angeles
Islah TV Political programming (Saudi opposition based in theUK)
Web Israel National news Recorderd INN TV news
Web ISW TV Regional Program from Burgkirchen/Alz
Web IT news News for IT specialists
ITV General TV channel
ITV Live from Warsaw
Web iTV Elst Local TV from Elst, Overbetuwe (Gld)
Web ITV Local Meridian News - Thames Valley
Web ITVP Public channel with recorded items
Ivorian TV
JAL TV Japanese Airlines TV
Jamejam 1 Broadcasting around Europe. For IranianInternationally
Jamejam 2 Broadcasting around America. For IranianInternationally
Jamejam 3 Broadcasting around Middle east and pacific. For Iranian Internationally
Web JATV Archived clips, reports and comedy
Jeju MBC
Web Jena TV Local TV from Jena
JN19 TV Religious TV from Lima
Jordan TV News, entertainment, documentaries, cultural andeducational programmes
Just TV General TV channel
Web K Television Regional TV from Ciudad Guayana /Valencia
Kabbalah TV (Hebrew) The Kabbalah TV channel offers a wideselection of free VOD and live TV broadcasts in 5 languages, 24 hours a day
Kackar TV Live newsbroadcasts and talkshows
Kanal 1 General TV channel
Kanal 1 Regional TV channel from Stollberg
Kanal 26
Kanal 68 Local TV from Ana Sayfa
Web Kanal 7 National TV channel
Kanal A General TV channel from Adana
Kanal B General TV channel
Kanal D General TV channel
Web Kanal E TV From the city of Elazig; film, news, music. Not alwaysonline, TV-guide available on website
Kanal Mavi TV from the city of Trabzon
Kanali 10 General TV channel
Web Kanizsa TV Recorded News from Nagykanizsa
KANU TV 99 Programs of general interest to all Native.Knife and Gun Show'../../','../a1/b3585.asx',0)">273K Knife and Gun Show','../tv_channels/b3585.htm')">Shopping TV channel
Karadeniz TV
Karesi TV General TV channel
KBSV Assyrian TV channel
Kefalonian Sky General TV channel
Web Keszthely TV Archived news
Kirsehir TV Local TV from Kirsehir
Web Kitz TV TV from Kitzbuehl
KKN Regio TV Regional TV from Noord-Oost-Brabant
KNN TV General TV channel
Web KNR-TV News in greenlandic often with Danishsub-titles
Web Koeln 1 TV Local TV from Koeln
Kon TV General TV channel
Kontilies TV Music TV from Crete
KPBN-11 Sports TV from Louisiana
Web KSTA Local TV from Koeln
Web KT 1 TV Local TV from Klagenfurt
Web KTN Recorded news (English)
KTN TV General TV channel
KTV Korean National Visual Media and Publishing CenterTV
Web KTV Local TV from Kecskemeti with recorded news
KTV 1 National TV channel
KTV 2 National TV channel
Web Kultur MD Regional TV channel from Magdeburg
Kultura TV Cultural programs
KWTV Regional TV from Wildau / KönigsWusterhausen
LA 8
LA 9
La Sexta General TV channel
La Source Christian Evangelical channel
La TV della Liberta Information channel
LA9 Sat Local TV from Padova
LaOtra Live from Madrid
Lazio TV Regional TV from Lazio
Web LBC Local news from Lebanon. Registration required to watchtransmissions
Web Leipzig Fernsehen Local TV with recorded news
Leman Bleu Regional TV channel from Geneva
Levanjil TV2 Experimental TV
Web LFX TV channel from Tokyo (live: 9am-9pm)
Web LimburgL1ive Local TV with recorded news
Lira TV Local TV from Salerno
Web Live Ireland TV Live Internet TV from Dublin Pop music
Web LNTV TV channel from the province Liaoning with recordedstreams
Localia TV Localia TV, a spanish TV local network, with more than85 afiliates (movies, news, music, talkshows)
Web LOS TV Regional Program from Brandenburg
Loures TV Regional TV
Web LRT Archived news available
LSTV 1 From Southwest of China-Lishui City
LSTV 2 From Southwest of China-Lishui City
Web LTV Regional TV from Ludwigsburg
Web LTV Recorded streams from different locations
Web LTV News Local serving Sault Ste. Marie Ontario and Sault Ste.Marie Michigan
Lusophonie parisienne
München TV Regional TV from München
M1 TV National TV with news , entertainment, music, film andsports. Not always online!||
M2 TV National TV with news , entertainment, music, film andsports. Not always online!||
M95 Local TV from Marbella
Web Mabonakude Recorded streams available on website
Macedonia TV Web TV
Magic TV General TV channel
Maimon TV Local TV from Maimon
Malatya TV Local TV from Malatya
Web Malayalam news channel News TV channel
Web Maori Television News, sports and weather
Marcali Varosi TV Local TV
Web Marianske Lazne 3 local TV channel from Marianske Lazne, Plzenand North Bohemia region
Markazi TV General TV channel
Marmara TV Local TV from Marmara
Web Maslow Regional program from Maslow/Kielce
Web Matele Regional TV from Numuroise
Web Maz 24 Web TV with a focus on lifestyle and human topics likenature, environmental protection and economy
MCOT 1 General TV channel
MCOT 2 General TV channel
Web MDF 1 Regional TV from Magdeburg
Web MDR Regional TV from Leipzig
Mediatel General TV channel
Web Medya 24 Recorded news
Mega TV Local TV from Braila
Web Mega TV Not alway's online
Megavision Canal 18 From Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Mehtap TV National TV channel
Web Meissen Fernsehen Regional TV for Meissen
Mellita TV Local TV
Merkurtz TV Local TV from München
Web Mesaj TV General TV channel
Microvision Canal 10 General TV channel
Miguelturra TV Local TV from Castilla-La Mancha
Minho Actual TV Regional TV from Minho
MIRAm Local TV from Barcelona
Mirame TV Local TV from Tenerife
Miskolc TV Local TV from Miskolc
Mittelburgenland TV Regional TV
Web Mittelsachsen TV Regional TV from Mittweida
MMC Euro Turk
Mokpo MBC General TV channel
Web Mosaik TV Local TV from Sarreguemines
Web MRTV Daily News pre-recorded in English on website. Click on"broadband Streaming"
Msat 1 Local TV from Modica (Sicily)
Web MSN Channel 2 Recorded news and recorded news-relatedprograms
Web MTB Various streams available from the War Tribunal in TheHague
Web Muehldorf TV Local TV from Muehldorf
Web Muenster TV Local TV from Muenster
Web Muldental TV Regional TV from Grimma
Munxar News from the City Council
Muscel TV General TV channel
Museum TV Web TV. Selection of items from the Dutch ArtWorld
MV1 TV News & Entertainment Program
MV2 TV News & Entertainment Program
MV3 TV News & Entertainment Program
Web N24 News TV with recorded streams.
Web Nana Entertainment
Web Nantes 7 Stream available on website
Web Narbonne TV Local TV from Narbonne
Web Narodna Rada Parliament TV
NASA TV (media) Media channel
Web Nash Dom Recorded news
Web Navarra TV Archived streams
NBC General TV channel
Web NBNI General TV channel
Web NBR TV Government TV
NC News
NDR (Hamburg) Regional TV
NDR (Mecklenbug-Vorpommern) Regional TV
NDR (Niedersachsen) Regional TV
NDR (Schleswig-Holstein) Regional TV
Nea TV Local TV from Chania
Web Net TV Local TV from Kalamata
Net TV A private TV channel viewing starts 07.00 to 24.00daily
Net TV A private TV channel viewing starts 07.00 to 24.00daily
Web Netwerk Archived streams from the program "Netwerk"
Web New Energy Web TV about alternative forms of energy
Web Nieuwsblad TV Recorded news
Nile News Recorded news
Nile TV Int. General TV channel
Web NJN New Jersey Public TV. Live streaming sometimesavailable
NNN News Realtime Recorded news
NOA4 Norderstedt on air 4. Local TV channel
Nordburgenland TV Regional TV
Normandie TV Regional TV
Nortevision Local TV from Monteria Cordoba
Northbay Local TV from Ontario
Notie Express
Nova Television Local TV from Bogota
Web Nova TV General TV channel with recorded news
Web NOVA TV Political news. Stream archive available onwebsite
Novo Tempo Variety of streams; diverse subjects, childrensprograms, documentaries
Web Novy TV Recorderd items available on website
NRJ Paris Regional TV
NRK Rogaland Local TV
NTDTV New Tang Dynasty Television
Nuevo Tiempo Christian TV channel
n-Vibe TV General TV channel
NY TV Local TV from Nyireghaza
NYTV Nanyang TV. More streams available on website
Oasis TV Information channel
Web Oberberg TV Regional TV
OC16 TV Local TV channel from Honolulu
OchoTV Free television with music, spectacles, news and sportsfrom Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico
Web OC-TV Webtv channel from Toulouse
Web Ohio Channel Public channel of the state of Ohio
Web OIK TV Recorded streams available on website
Ojos Solidarios TV from Las Palmas (Gran Canaria)
Web OK 43 The public access channel in Essen
Web Okto TV Community channel from Vienna
Web Olanchito TV General TV channel
Omega TV TV channel located in Rhodes Island
Web Omroep Brabant Local news from Brabant
Omroep Flevoland Regional TV with recorded news
Omroep Fryslan Recorded news available on the website
Omroep Gelderland Regional TV channel
Omroep Zeeland Regional Television
Omroep Zwolle Local TV from Zwolle
Web ONCE TV IPN TV channel of Politecnic National Institute IPN fromMexico city. News, science, kids, talk programs, pictures, arts, etc
Onda Jerez Local TV of Jerez de la Frontera
Onda TV Local TV from Messinese
Oog TV Local TV from Groningen
Web ORF Recorded news
Web ORF (ZIB 2) Recorded news from 10:00 PM. ("Zeit im Bild2")
Web ORF 2 (Heute Burgenland) Weeks worth of prerecorded news, updated daily (live from 19:00-19:30)
Web ORF 2 (Heute Kaernten) Weeks worth of prerecorded news, updateddaily (live from 19:00-19:30)
Web ORF 2 (Heute Niederoesterreich) Weeks worth of prerecorded news,updated daily (live from 19:00-19:30)
Web ORF 2 (Heute Steiermark) Weeks worth of prerecorded news, updateddaily (live from 19:00-19:30)
Web ORF 2 (Heute Tirol) Weeks worth of prerecorded news, updated daily (live from 19:00-19:30)
Web ORF 2 (Heute Vorarlberg) Weeks worth of prerecorded news, updateddaily (live from 19:00-19:30)
Web ORF 2 (Heute Wien) Weeks worth of prerecorded news, updated daily(live from 19:00-19:30)
Web ORF 2 Heute Oberoesterreich Daily prerecorded newsavailable
Web ORF 2 Heute Salzburg Daily 19:00 evening news,prerecorded
Web ORTM Television Recorded news available on website
Web OSR TV Local TV from Finsterwalde
OTV Oberpfalz TV from Amberg
OTV National TV with political debates and generalinformation
Parlament (Nationalrat) Sometimes online
Parlament (Ständerat) Sometimes online
Pars TV
Partypatrol Music TV channel
Web Pecs TV General TV from Pecs
Peravia Vision General TV channel
Peru TV Online Web TV
PETN Citychannel Citynews from Leipzig
Web PGTV Recorded News from Phuket
PI6ATV Amateur TV repeater from Ijsselstein
Piu Blu Regional TV from Lombardia
Plaisance TV Public access TV
Web Planet Recorded news items available on website
Planet Insolite Web TV about Eco Tourism
Play TV Satellite channel (Sky Canale 869)||
Web Pleamar TV Local TV from Cadiz
PNBox TV Local TV from Pordenone
Web Polar TV Local TV from Ostrava
Popular TV General TV channel
Web Potsdam TV Local TV from Potsdam
Pratech TV Lifestyle TV
Web Prignitz TV Regional TV from Prignitz
Primantenna Local TV from Piemonte (Liguria)
Primetime TV
Primocanale Regional television from Liguria
Proclamacion TV Located in Barquisimeto
Promar TV Local TV from Barquisimeto
Proyecto 40 General TV channel
QTV-1 General TV channel from Qingdao
Quarto Canale TV Local TV from Pagani (Salerno)
Quran TV
Quran Urdu TV Religious TV channel
R. King TV Web TV
Web Radio Bremen Regional news from Bremen
Radio Canada (RDI) General TV channel
Rai Sport Recorded sports update
Web Raiclick TV Archive of Italyïs public broadcaster
Raj TV General TV channel
Web RAN1 Regional TV from Anhalt
Rang-A-Rang TV channel dedicated to the Persian speakingcommunity
Web RBB Regional TV from Berlin Brandenburg
Web RBC Television General TV channel
Web RCC RCC broadcasting agency, located in Hiroshima
Web RCN TV News broadcast from Colombia. Live transmisions: 17:30 GMT& 0:00 GMT
Web RCTI General TV channel
RCTV General TV channel
Rede Familia Family channel
Rede TV Rondonia Local TV from Rondonia
Rede TV Viana General TV channel
RedTV General TV channel
Regi TV
Regio 22 Regional TV based in Hoorn
Web Regio TV Regional TV
Regio TV Regional TV channel from Schwaben
Regio TV Utrecht Regional TV from Utrecht
Rei TV Local TV from Sicilia
Rend Net TV Local TV
Repubblica News. Video only available from 10:00 and 13:00 (local time) monday to Friday
Retesole Perugia Local TV from Perugia
Retesole Roma Local TV from Rome
Web RETV Located in Rugao City Jiangsu
Revita TV General TV channel
RFH Local TV from Halberstadt
RFL TV Regional television from Landshut
Web RFO Recorded news from all kinds of regions
Web RFO Recorded news
RFR TV Regional television from Oberbayern - Rosenheim
Web Rhein-Ahr TV Regional TV from Rheinland-Pfalz
Rheinmain TV Local TV from Bad Homburg
Web Rhein-Sieg TV Regional TV from Siegburg
Web Riesa TV Local TV from Mittelsachsen
RMK TV Local TV from Sciacca
RMK TV Local TV from Sciacca (Ag) Sicilia
Rocktelevision 7 Soft rock music
Rotana TV General TV channel
RPCTV General TV channel
Web RT1 Interactive Information TV from Plzen region
RTB National TV channel
RTC Tele Liege Local TV with recorded news
Web RTD Recorded news (Somali / Afar language)
RTGC General TV channel
RTH 2000 General TV channel
Web RTHK Archived streams
Web RTK Recorded News
Web RTL Recordings of many RTL programs
Web RTL Hessen Local TV from Hessen
Web RTL Klub General entertainment
RTL Tele Letzebourg General TV channel with sports, news, cultureand music
RTM TV2 Public service broadcaster
RTN Tele Sahel Recorded news
RTP Directo General TV channel
RTP International General TV channel
Web RTP Multmedia Many news streams available on website
Web RTPA Television of the Principality of Asturias
RTPI General TV channel
Web RTR Recorded news from Switzerland in the Rumantschlanguage
Web RTRS TV General TV channel
Web RTS General TV channel
RTS TV Tele Radio salento
Web RTSI Recorded news (Italian)
RTV Recorded Flemish news broadcast
RTV 1 Vojvodina General TV channel
RTV 2 Vojvodina General TV channel
RTV Drenthe Regional TV from Drenthe
RTV Estapona Local TV from Estapona
RTV Insular TV from Las Palmas (Gran Canaria)
RTV Noord Regional TV from Groningen
RTV Noord Holland Regional TV channel which broadcasts the NOSjournaal live
RTV Oost Regional TV channel
Web RTV SLO Archived news available
RTV SLO 2 General TV channel
RTV Tarifa Local TV from Tarifa
Web RTV Utrecht Local TV from Utrecht
Web RTV10 Regional TV from Brabant
Web RTVA Live, programmes from Andalucia: news, music, sport,etc
RTVCE Radiotelevision de Ceuta
Web RTVFBiH Recorded news
RTVV Local TV from Valencia
Rupavahini The National Television of Sri Lanka
Web Ruppin TV Regional TV from Neuruppin (Brandenburg)
Web RUV The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service
RWC General TV channel from Santa Marta, Magdalena
Web Saar TV Regional TV from Saarland
Sabinas TV General TV channel
Web Sachsen Fernsehen Recorded news from Sachsen aus Chemnitz
Salto A1 Local TV from Amsterdam
Salto A2 Local TV from Amsterdam
Salzburg TV Local TV from Salzburg
Samanyolu National TV channel
Samaria TV Local TV from Barcelona
Web San Marino TV Recorded news streams
Web Sanoma Video News, cars, entertainment
Web SAT TV State television (from the Royal Embassy in WashingtonD.C.)||
Web Sat1 Regionalfernsehen TV from various regions
Saudi 1 (KSA1) General TV channel
Saudi 2 (KSA2) General TV channel
Web SBC General TV channel. Archived news available
SBN Senda Broadcasting Network
Web SBS Recorded news
Web SCTV 1 TV channel from Sichuan. Various channels available onwebite
Secret Story Reality TV
Seebit TV
Senat News TV channel
Ser TV Canal 11 General TV channel
Ses TV General TV channel
Web SF 10vor10 News related TV program
Sharjah TV General TV channel
SHOPTV Canada Southern Ontario's only infomercial TV TV channeloffering a unique mix of one-of-a-kind products
Show Turk
Web SIC General TV channel
Web SIC Various channels available on webite
Web Sify Max Portal with recorded videos (news, movie,music)
Sio TV Local TV
Sipas TV Local channel
Web Skai General TV channel
SKAT TV Regional channel from the Black Sea region
SKB Regional TV for Brandenburg an der Havel andBelzig
Sky 906 General TV channel
Smart-TV Local TV from Campulung Muscel
Smash TV Local TV from Paola
Web Soest TV Local TV from Soest
Solaike Web TV
Solidaria TV Family channel
Somos General TV channel
Web So-net TV Streams available on website
Web Sonneberger TV Regional TV from Sonneberg
Sony Music Populair music
Sopron TV Local TV from Sopron
Web Spiegel TV A lot of archieved news, reports and previews||
Web SR-Online Regional TV from Saarbrücken
SRT TV Local TV from Sakarya
Stads TV Utrecht Local TV from Utrecht
Web Stadt TV Local Internet TV
Star Majha Marathi News TV channel
Star TV General TV channel
Web Studio 3 Regional TV from the south of Italy
Web Studio Sport Recorded streams
Web Studio Zodiac News from the Dutch Zoo's
STV Music, news, culture and other information. Internet TVchannel
STV Local TV from Osijek
STV (North Today) On demand TV news from Scotland fromScotland Today, the news programme on Scottish TV
STV (Scotland Today) On demand TV news from Scotland fromScotland Today, the news programme on Scottish TV
Web STV 1,2 Stream available on website, including programguide
Web STV News Shanghai Oriental Television
Suedburgenland TV Regional TV
Sun TV
Super 1 General TV channel
Super TV Local TV from Oristano
Supernet Fehér General Internet TV channel
Supernet Piros General Internet TV channel
Supernet Zöld General Internet TV channel
Web Svet Plus General TV channel
Web SVF Recoreded news available on website
Swarnavahini Music and entertainment
Web SWR Public broadcaster with recorded programs
Szatmar TV Local TV from Szatmar
SZTV Local TV from Szombathely
Web TéléSambre Regional TV from Charleroi and Sud-Hainautwith recorded news
Tamilan TV (1:00 PM) Recorded news from 1:00 PM||
Tamilan TV (8:30 PM) Recorded news from 8:30 PM
Tatabanya TV Local TV from Tatabanya
TBC Taegu Broadcasting Corporation
TBN National TV channel
Web TBTV Local TV channel from Thunder Bay, ON, with recordednews
Web TDM Recorded news
Web TEF TV channel from d'Eivissa i Formentera with recordednews
Tele 102 Local TV from Vendée
Tele 90 Local TV from Sicily
Tele Alsace Local TV from Alsace
Tele D1 General TV channel
Tele Haiti 2
Tele Iride Local Toscany television channel
Tele Liguria Sud Local television from La Spezia with Sport andnews
Tele M1 Regional TV channel from Aargau
Tele Panou General TV channel
Tele Rama News Local TV from Lecce
Web Tele Sanlucar Local TV from Sanlucar
Web Tele Suedostschweiz Regional TV
Tele Tell TV for Central Switzerland
Tele Ticino Italian speaking TV channel
Tele Triunfo TV from Guayama, San Juan
Tele U Craiova
Tele Yaracuy Located in Yaracuy
Tele1 Local TV from Faenza (Ra) Romagna
Web Teleamazonas
Teleasturias Private TV channel
Telebasel News TV
Web Telebielingue Local TV channel of Biel / Bienne (Lakes region.Broadcast in French and German
Telecanal Channel 2 from Santiago de Chile
Teleceiba Canal 7 General TV channel
Telecinco General TV channel (recorded news)
Telecitta Local TV from Genova
Web Telecolor Local TV channel
Web Telefe News TV channel
Web Teleformula Talk, News, Entertainment and Sports
Telemagik Alternative channel
Telemax Local TV from Hermosillo
Telemedial Spiritual program
Telemetro News channel
Telemicro General TV channel
Telemolise Local channel from Compobasso. Recorded streamsavailable on website
Telenord Local TV from Genova
Teleradioerre Local TV from Foggia
Telered 21 General TV channel
Teleregione Local TV from Barletta
Teleromagna Local TV from Cesena
Telesirio Regional tv channel
Web Telespazio TV Regional TV from the south of Italy
Web Telesport Streams available on website
TelEssonne Local TV from Essonne
Telesucesos General TV channel
Telesud Recorded news from Trapani ( Sicily )
Telesud TV Recorded news from Palermo
Telesur TV General TV channel
Teletoledo Local TV from Toledo
Web Teletop TV from the eastern part of Switzerland
Teletrebol General TV channel
Teletruria Local TV of Arezzo
Teleuno Local TV from Pignola (PZ)
Web Televesdre Regional TV from Verviétoise
Televicentro National TV channel
Web Television Boliviana General TV channel
Telewizja CTV General TV channel
Tevecol General TV channel
Tevesur Canal 9 General TV channel from Cusco
Web TF1 Recorded news from 13:00H
Web TFO Educational and cultural TV from Ontario
Web TG 9 Local TV from Napoli
Web TG4 Irish language programs
Web TG5 Recorded Worldnews
Web TGRT General TV channel
Web TGRT Europe International oriented
TGS ROME TGS VIOLINA national news, regional news culture andsport clips in italian
Thraki Net General TV channel located atAlexandroupolis
THVL Movie TV channel
Tiankov TV Bulgarian folklore
Tirrenosat Local TV from Catania
Tisza TV Local TV from Tisza
TLG Local TV from Gijón
Web TLL Local webtv from the Loire
TLM Local channel from Lyon
Web TNP Peru`s national TV channel mainly featuring News,Talk,cultural music and educational programmes as well as national and other latin american films
Web TNTV Recorded news
TON TV General TV channel
Toronto TV ch. 1 independent webTV channel. Chinesechannel
Toronto TV ch. 2 independent webTV channel
Toronto TV ch. 4 independent webTV channel
Torrevieja TV Local TV from Torrevieja
Tosiriar TV Local TV
Web Tourist TV Showing video's of tourism activities
Toya TV TV from Lodz
Toya TV Local TV
Web TPA Recorded news
Web TRA 45 General TV channel located in Santo Domingo
Trans TV National TV channel
TRI TV Public Internet TV only -Indonesia & EnglishLanguage
TRM General TV channel
Web Tros Radar Consumer news programme
TRP 1 Regional television from Niederbayern (Passau)
TRS TV Local TV from Vailate (Cr)
TRT 2 Turkish State Television, channel 2
TRT 3 General TV channel
TRT 4 Turkish State Television, channel 4
TRT Int. Turkish State Television (International.TV 41'../../','../a1/b3452.asx',0)">141K TV 41','../tv_channels/b3452.htm')">General TV channel
Web TS 1 Regional TV
Web TTM Recorded news available
TTVV Experimental TV
Tumbuktoo TV Music TV channel
Web Tunesia TV National TV channel
Web Turismo Sevilla TV Touristic channel
Turistika TV Touristic channel
TUTV Variety including child programming
Web TV TELMA Daily recorded news broadcast from Macedonia
Web TV Østfold
TV + Current affairs, documentaries, lifestyle and sportprogrammes
Web TV 11 Ujbuda TV Local TV from Ujbuda with recordednews
Web TV 3 Recorded items available
TV 5
Web TV 5 News available on website
Web TV 5 Recorded news available on website
Web TV 5 Monde
TV 7 Regional Channel from Szczecin
TV 8 Mont Blanc Local TV from the Mont Blanc region
TV Aberta Local TV from Sao Paulo
Web TV Activa
Web TV Agrocanal Provided by Canaldoboi
Web TV Agus Culture, music, news, sport, turism. Variousstreams
TV Aktuell Regional television from Regensburg
TV Algarve Regional TV from Algarve
TV Allgaeu Regional TV from Kempten
TV Almansa General TV channel
TV Alsam General TV channel
Web TV Altenburg Regional TV for the Altenburger Land
TV Alterosa General TV channel
TV Asta Cable TV channel from Pila
TV Augsburg Regional TV
Web TV Aust Agder
Web TV Azteca General TV channel (recorded news available onwebsite)
Web TV Azur Local TV from Saint-Tropez
Web TV Beja TV channel from Beja, Alentejo with local news
Web TV Bergen Local TV from Bergen
Web TV Berlin Local TV from Berlin
TV Bratislava Local TV from Bratislava
Web TV Breizh Regional TV with recorded news
Web TV Brighton Test transmission from Brighton
Web TV Brussel Recorded news
Web TV Budstikka
Web TV Bulgaria State Television
TV Burgos General TV channel
TV Caju Located in Aracaju, SE
TV Cambury General TV channel
TV Canaria Regional TV
TV Canaria Internacional General TV channel
TV Capital Located in Florianopolis SC
TV Castello Local TV from San Mauro
TV CBS General TV channel
TV Cidade Television from Aracaju
TV Ciencia Recorded news
TV CN General TV channel
Web TV Coburg Local TV from Coburg
TV Correio General TV channel
TV Cultura General TV channel
Web TV de la Frontera Canal 5 from Chihuahua
TV Doral General TV channel
Web TV Drammen
Web TV Eger Local TV from Eger
Web TV Ellef Regional TV from Limburg with recorded news
Web TV Emscher-Lippe Regional TV from Herten
TV Estate Real estate and tourism TV
TV Ferrol Local TV channel from Galicia
TV Fortaleza Community TV from Fortaleza
TV Gaia Global Community television
Web TV Hålogaland
TV Halle Local TV from Halle
Web TV Haugaland
TV Horizonte Information and entertainment channel
Web TV Innlandet
TV Internauta Web TV
Web TV Jyväskylä Local TV channel fromJyväskylä
TV Kispest Local TV from Kispest
TV Leon General TV channel
TV Limburg Regional TV from Limburg
TV Litoral TV from Campos dos Goytacazes RJ
TV Lux General TV channel
TV Luz Located in Cumana
Web TV Mallorca Local TV
TV Markiza General Television channel
TV Mas Local TV from the Canary Islands
TV mas canal 22 General TV channel
TV Master Local TV from Golgow
TV Midia General TV channel from Sao Paulo
Web TV Mittelrhein Regional TV aus Koblenz
TV Nautik General TV channel
TV Neptun General TV channel
TV Net TV channel from Lissabon
TV Net General TV channel
Web TV Nor Trønderlag
Web TV Nord
Web TV Nordland
TV Oman National TV channel. Check schedule for livetransmissions
Web TV Oresund Local TV from Helsingor
Web TV Patriot Recorded news available on the website
TV Pika Slovenian Interactive TV
TV Plata Local TV from Puerto Plata
TV Poços Local TV channel from the city Poços de Caldas - Minas Gerais
Web TV Polonia Recorded news available on website
Web TV Ponta Negra Local TV from Santarem (PA)
Web TV Prima General entertainment (Recorded streams available onwebsite)
TV RB General TV channel
Web TV Regional Regional TV from Lausick, Colditz, Großbothenand Zschadrass
Web TV Rennes 35 Local TV from Rennes
TV Romantica Music and entertainment
Web TV Romerike
Web TV Sør
TV Sahara General TV channel
TV Salamanca General TV channel
TV Schwaben Local TV from Ulm
TV Segovia General TV channel
TV Senado Not always online. Live TV from the BrazilianSenate
TV Skype General TV channel
TV Slon Local TV from Tuzla
TV Suedbaden Regional Television from Freiburg
Web TV Sunnmøre
Web TV Terra Web TV from- Sao Paulo
TV Touring 1 TV touring Aschaffenburg
TV Touring 2 TV touring Schweinfurt
TV Touring 3 TV touring Würzburg
Web TV Trønderlag
TV Transamerica General TV channel
Web TV Tromsø
TV TTN Recorded news from the Tamil Television Network
TV Uzbekistan
Web TV Valjevo Regional TV
Web TV Vest
Web TV Vestfold
TV West Regional TV from Zuid-Holland
TV Yoshlar
TV Zamora TV from the province of Zamora
TV Zemplin Regional TV channel
Web TV.LV General TV channel with recorded streams
Web TV2 Nyheter Requires registration!||
Web TV2 Regionerne Regional news
TV3 Recorded news available on website
Web TV4 Nyheterna Recorded news
Web TV5 Recorded French world news
TV7 Bordeaux News channel
TV8 Local TV
TVA French-speaking general channel from Quebec
Web TVA Local TV from Arad with recorded news
TVAS General TV channel
TVB1 Local TV from BRNO
TVCi Regional TV from Catalunya
TVCom General TV channel
Web TVE TV channel located in Porto Alegre, RS
Web TVI News channel
TVL Local TV from Lingewaard
Web TVL Local TV from Limburg
TVM General TV channel
TVM National TV
TVN Local TV from Nijmegen
TVN Live from Panama City (not always online)
Web TVN General TV channel
Web TVNet Recorded news
Web TVNOVA General entertainment. Recorded streams available onwebsite
TVO TV from Oberfranken
TVO General tv channel
TVO General TV channel
Web TVP 3 Bialystok Local TV from Bialystok
Web TVP 3 Bydgoszcz Local TV from Bydgoszcz
Web TVP 3 Gdansk Local TV from Gdansk
Web TVP 3 Gorzow Local TV from Gorzow
Web TVP 3 Katowice Local TV from Katowice
Web TVP 3 Krakow Local TV from Krakow
Web TVP 3 Lodz Local TV from Lodz
Web TVP 3 Lublin Local TV from Lublin
Web TVP 3 Olsztyn Local TV from Olsztyn
Web TVP 3 Opole Local TV from Opole
Web TVP 3 Poznan Local TV from Poznan
Web TVP 3 Rzeszow Local TV from Rzeszow
Web TVP 3 Szczecin Local TV from Szczecin
Web TVP 3 Warszawa Local TV from Warszawa
Web TVP 3 Wroclaw Local TV from Wroclaw
TVP Kultura Cultural programs
Web TVR Recorded streams from various programs
TVR Teleitalia Regional TV channel from Toscane
Web TVRL Local TV from Lausanne
TvRM General TV channel
Web TVS Recorded news available on website
Web TVS Recorded streams available on website
TVS 32 TV from Maracay
TVSF Alternative channel
Web TV-Studio Regional TV from Tachov (Recorded streams available onwebsite)
Web TVT General TV channel
TW 1 Info about tourism and weather
U1 TV General TV channel
UCVTV UCV TV, Live from Valparaiso
Web Uitzending gemist Recordings of many NOS transmissions
Ulsan MBC General TV channel
Web Ulusal Kanal Local TV from Hava Durumu
Unitel TV Live and recorded news available on website
Urbania TV Local TV from Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires
Urbe TV General TV channel from Maracaibo
Utifilm NET
UTR Live from Kiev
UTR Europe TV channel located in Kiev
UTR USA TV channel located in Kiev
Web UTV Recorded news
UTV General TV channel
Web Uutiset 24-hour news and current affairs; for broadcast choose'mediasali'
Varosi TV TV from Szeged
VCTV - OMC Information channel
Vega TV General TV channel from Santo Domingo
Via Morena General TV channel
Videolina Local TV channel, located in Cagliari
Vietnamnet TV General TV channel
Vikom TV General TV channel from Banja Luka
Vis10n Cablecom Channel with entertainment, local news andnational news
Viseu TV Local TV from Viseu
Vizion Plus Local TV from Tirane with recorded news
VNN TV General TV channel
VOA News TV (Voice of America)
Web VOA Recorded news
Web VOA Bosnia Voice of America with Bosnian News||
VOF Regional TV from Vilshofen
Web Voice of America 1hr program daily, Voice Of America, inindonesian language
Web VRT Recorded news available on website
Web VTC10
Web VTC11
Web VTC4
Web VTC5
VTV Local TV from Antalya
VTV Local TV from Vilafranca
Web VTV1
Web VTV4 Variety of streams available; amongst others news, sport,games and documentaries
Web Waldheim TV Local TV from Großweitzschen
Web WCETV Many TV channels available on website
Web WCETV Portal to various live Television channels
Web WCITV Interactive infotainment TV channel
Web WDR The main news programs of the Westdeutscher Rundfunk are shown live
Webmir TV Russian internet TV
WebTV Internet TV channel
Whitezoom Web TV
Web Wienweb Recorded News- Local Vienna TV-channel
WinTV General TV channel
Web WM TV Regional TV for Münsterland / Münster
WMCI TV Not always online. High end production facility located on.WSTV'../../','../a1/b3299.asx',0)">273K WSTV','../tv_channels/b3299.htm')">Classic movies, and made for TV movies from the 60's, 70'sand 80's||
Web WNTV Private TV channel from Wiener Neustadt
Web Wow TV
WTC News television channel
WTK General TV channel
Web WWTV Local TV from Wied
WZRA-48 TV Greek Television channel that broadcasts fromFlorida
Web XTV Entertainment and music
Web XZTV 1,2,3,4
Web Yahoo videonews Recorded news
Web Yanagida
Young Turks Progressive talk radio & webTV. Live Mon-Fri18:00-21:00 ET. Otherwise streams archived shows
Z TV Local TV from Zile
Web Züriplus Local TV from Dübendorf
Zagros TV General TV channel
Web Zahav TV General TV channel
ZDF On of the main public TV channels of Germany
Web ZDF Heute Recorded news and special reports
Zenit TV Local TV
Web Zipp TV Recorded news from the Olomouc region /middle Moravia/and city Prostejov
Zona 31 Local TV from the Prov. de Bs. As. cubriendoCap
ZTV Local TV from Zalaegerszeg
Zuglo TV Cable TV channel from Budapest
Web Zwickau TV Local TV from Sachsen
NEW!:.Arica TV General TV channel
NEW!:.Canal 79 Local TV from Mar del Plata
NEW!:.Civil TV Local TV
NEW!:.Eslem TV
NEW!:.HT1 Hausruck Local TV from Hausruck
NEW!:.Klip TV
NEW!:.Son Peygamber TV
NEW!:.Strumica cam Webcam located in Strumica
NEW!:.TCC Community television from Colina
NEW!:.TV 18 Local TV
NEW!:.TV India Live General entertainment
Web NEW!:.TV Tabasco Local TV from Tabasco
Web NEW!:.TV-Web Web TV
NEW!:.Wildlife Channel Documentary TV
NEW!:.WT 1 Private TV channel

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