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Stream Channel Fav. Information
Web (Radar) Meteo France Radar image of France
Web Ariane Space Archived videos available on website
Art Channel Art Channel is much more than a satellite tv program- it is an artwork for itself : Television as Art
Astro Center Astrology channel
ASTV Local TV from Grande-Synthe
BFM TV News and Entertainment
Boardriders TV TV channel dedicated to boardriding
C9 Television Local channel from Lille
Calais TV Local TV from Calais
Web Canal Maritima Local TV from Martigues
Web Canal TV Pop music
Canalmoza African music
Cap 24 Local TV from Paris
Clap TV Movies - short film - Celebrities - Live -documentaries
Cybertika Tropical Music TV (Reggae, Dancehall, Zouk,African)
Web Demain TV focusing on employment, free enterprise, business andeducation
Web Direct 8 General TV channel from the group Bollere
Euronews News channel
Fashion TV Fashion Channel
Web France 2 Recorded news from 1 PM
France 2 Meteo Weather forecast
France 24 (Arabic) International News TV channel
France 24 (En) International News TV channel
France 24 (Fr) International News TV channel
Web France 3 Recorded news from 7:20 PM||
Web France 3 Corse Local news from Corsica
Web France 5 News TV with local and international news
Hip Hop Television Hip Hop Music TV channel
Inraci Movie TV channel
Web Itele News channel
KTO TV Catholic channel
Labelle TV Music TV
LCI News TV channel (not always live)
LCP Assemblee National. Not always online
Web LTV Recorded streams from different locations
MBOATV Web TV channel broadcasting Live African Music
MCM Music TV channel
Mizik TV Caribbean music
Web Mosaik TV Local TV from Sarreguemines
Mulivan TV Music TV
Web Nantes 7 Stream available on website
Web Narbonne TV Local TV from Narbonne
Web Nimbooda TV Indian music
Normandie TV Regional TV
NRJ Dance Music TV channel
NRJ Groove Music TV channel
NRJ Hits Music TV channel
NRJ Paris Regional TV
NRJ Pop Rock Music TV channel
Web OC-TV Webtv channel from Toulouse
Old Cartoon TV Cartoons
Orange sports General sports TV channel
Web OuepaTV Dance and disco
Plaisance TV Public access TV
Planet Insolite Web TV about Eco Tourism
R. King TV Web TV
Web RFO Recorded news from all kinds of regions
Secret Story Reality TV
Senat News TV channel
Web Soleil TV Clips, interviews, concerts, Emissions in Martinique,Guadeloupe and Guyana
Web Teepiklive Web TV with funny video's
Tele 102 Local TV from Vendée
Tele Alsace Local TV from Alsace
Web Teleblagon TV Alternative music Music TV with entertainment, news, live, festivalsand clubs
TelEssonne Local TV from Essonne
Web TF1 Recorded news from 13:00H
Web The LOL TV Fun videos, amusing, astonishing anddelirious
Web TLL Local webtv from the Loire
TLM Local channel from Lyon
Tumbuktoo TV Music TV channel
Web TV 5 Monde
TV 8 Mont Blanc Local TV from the Mont Blanc region
Web TV Azur Local TV from Saint-Tropez
Web TV Breizh Regional TV with recorded news
Web TV Rennes 35 Local TV from Rennes
Web TV5 Asie Recorded streams available on website
TV7 Bordeaux News channel
Tvcaraibes French speaking TV for the Caribbean
TVSF Alternative channel
Web ZooMTV Web TV channel with music, video clips,interviews

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