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Web (Radar) Wetteronline Radar image of Germany
1-2-3 TV Offers a broad range of products
3A TV (Home Shopping) Offers a broad range of products
3Sat General TV channel
9 Live Phone-in quiz show
Web Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin Parliament Berlin
ARD Tagesschau The most popular German news program ondemand
Web ARD Tagesschau Recorded news
Astro TV Astrology
Audi TV Info channel of Audi
Web Auto Fernsehen Short driving impressions of cars
Bahn TV Channel dedicated to the traffic
Web Bayerischer Rundfunk Regional TV from Muenchen
Web Berlin TV Touristic channel
Web BR Alpha Educational programs from the Bayerischen Rundfunk fromMnchen
Web Buergerschaft HH Hamburger Parliament (sometimesonline)
Bundesligen TV Soccer channel
CamOrakel TV Astrology
Campus TV TV from the Technischen FachhochschuleWildau
Center TV Local TV from Koln
Web Clip TV Black Music, Hard Stuff, Classics, Rock, Electronic andPop
CoswigTV Regional TV from Coswig
Web CP TV IT channel
DAF TV Financial news
Deluxe Music TV Music TV channel without moderation
Der Schmuckkanal Offers jewellery
Web Deutscher Bundestag German Parliament in Berlin
Web DGF TV Health TV
DHD 24 TV Interactive TV channel
Donau TV Regional TV from Deggendorf
Web Dresden Fernsehen Local TV from Dresden
Web DSF Recorded sports news (Deutsches Sport Fernsehen)
DW-TV Worldnews channel / Deutsche Welle
Web DW-World Worldnews channel / Deutsche Welle (not available inthe USA)
Web Eberswalde Local TV
Web Elbekanal Regional TV from Schönebeck
Web Elsterwelle Local TV from Lausitz
Web ERF Christian TV channel
Web ERTV Regional TV from Görlitz
Web Euro 3 Ost Regional TV from Bodensee and Ravensburg
Web Euro 3 West Regional TV from the region Bodensee West &Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg||
FashionGuide TV Fashion channel
Web Findaway Cultural alternative TV from Berlin
Flott-TV Local TV from Guenzburg
Web Focus Online Recorded news
Franken TV Located in Nürnberg
Fresh 4U Astrology
Game TV Previews from new computergames
GIGA TV Computer / Music channel
Web Greenpeace TV Streaming news items available on thewebsite
Web Greifswald Regional TV from Greifswald
Web Greifswald TV Regional TV from Greifswald(Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)
Web Hamburg 1 Recorded news
Web Hamm TV Local TV from Hamm
Web Hamm TV Local TV from Hamm
Help TV Consulting television from Dortmund
Web Hessischer Rundfunk Regional TV from Hessen
Web HR Fernsehen Regional TV from Hessen
Web HS TV Regional TV from Heinsberg
HSE 24 Shopping TV channel
HSE 24 Digital Offers a broad range of products
INTV The infochannel from Ingolstadt
Web ISW TV Regional Program from Burgkirchen/Alz
Web IT news News for IT specialists
Web JATV Archived clips, reports and comedy
Web Jena TV Local TV from Jena
Kanal 1 Regional TV channel from Stollberg
Web KIKA TV for children
Web Koeln 1 TV Local TV from Koeln
Web KSTA Local TV from Koeln
Web Kultur MD Regional TV channel from Magdeburg
KWTV Regional TV from Wildau / KönigsWusterhausen
Web Landtag Bayern The State-Parliament of Bayern (not alwaysonline)
Web Landtag BW The State-Parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg (notalways online)
Web Landtag MV The State-Parliament of Mecklenburg - Vorpommern (notalways online)
Web Landtag NRW The State-Parliament of Northrhine-Westfalia (notalways online)
Web Landtag Saarland The State-Parliament of Saarland (not alwaysonline)
Landtag Thüringen Thüringer federal state parliament -Erfurt (parliament)
Lastminute TV Commercial travel channel
Web Leipzig Fernsehen Local TV with recorded news
Web LOS TV Regional Program from Brandenburg
Web LTV Regional TV from Ludwigsburg
München 2 Regional TV from München
München TV Regional TV from München
Massive Mag Action, Sport and Lifestyle TV
Web MDF 1 Regional TV from Magdeburg
Web MDR Regional TV from Leipzig
Medizin TV (Schmerz) Health TV
Web Meissen Fernsehen Regional TV for Meissen
Merkurtz TV Local TV from München
Web Mittelsachsen TV Regional TV from Mittweida
MLC TV Populair music
Web Muehldorf TV Local TV from Muehldorf
Web Muenster TV Local TV from Muenster
Web Muldental TV Regional TV from Grimma
Web N24 News TV with recorded streams.
NDR (Hamburg) Regional TV
NDR (Mecklenbug-Vorpommern) Regional TV
NDR (Niedersachsen) Regional TV
NDR (Schleswig-Holstein) Regional TV
NOA4 Norderstedt on air 4. Local TV channel
n-tv News TV
Web Oberberg TV Regional TV
Web OK 43 The public access channel in Essen
Web OSR TV Local TV from Finsterwalde
OTV Oberpfalz TV from Amberg
PETN Citychannel Citynews from Leipzig
PETN Moviechannel Movie TV channel
PETN Musicchannel Music TV channel
PETN Sportschannel Sports TV
Web Potsdam TV Local TV from Potsdam
Web Prignitz TV Regional TV from Prignitz
Primetime TV
Primetime TV Teleshop
QVC (Home Shopping) Offers a broad range of products
Web Radio Bremen Regional news from Bremen
Web RAN1 Regional TV from Anhalt
Web RBB Regional TV from Berlin Brandenburg
Web Regio TV Regional TV
Regio TV Regional TV channel from Schwaben
RFH Local TV from Halberstadt
RFL TV Regional television from Landshut
RFR TV Regional television from Oberbayern - Rosenheim
Web Rhein-Ahr TV Regional TV from Rheinland-Pfalz
Rheinmain TV Local TV from Bad Homburg
Web Rhein-Sieg TV Regional TV from Siegburg
Web Riesa TV Local TV from Mittelsachsen
Web RTL Look for the video-lounge for recorded newsbroadcast
Web RTL Hessen Local TV from Hessen
RTL Shop Offers a broad range of products
Web Ruppin TV Regional TV from Neuruppin (Brandenburg)
Web Saar TV Regional TV from Saarland
Web Sachsen Fernsehen Recorded news from Sachsen aus Chemnitz
Web Sat1 Regionalfernsehen TV from various regions
SKB Regional TV for Brandenburg an der Havel andBelzig
Web Soest TV Local TV from Soest
Web Sonneberger TV Regional TV from Sonneberg Travel shopping TV
Web Spiegel TV A lot of archieved news, reports and previews||
SpiritON TV Commercial TV channel
Web SR-Online Regional TV from Saarbrücken
Web Stadt TV Local Internet TV
Streetclip TV Music and culture channel
Web SWR Public broadcaster with recorded programs
Tele Medial Astrology
Telemedial Spiritual program
Tennis Life Tennis sports TV channel
Toon TV Cartoons
TRP 1 Regional television from Niederbayern (Passau)
TV Aktuell Regional television from Regensburg
TV Allgaeu Regional TV from Kempten
Web TV Altenburg Regional TV for the Altenburger Land
TV Augsburg Regional TV
Web TV Berlin Local TV from Berlin
Web TV Coburg Local TV from Coburg
Web TV Emscher-Lippe Regional TV from Herten
TV Halle Local TV from Halle
Web TV Mittelrhein Regional TV aus Koblenz
Web TV Regional Regional TV from Lausick, Colditz, Großbothenand Zschadrass
TV Schwaben Local TV from Ulm
TV shop Fitness, wellness, health, domestic, music and sparetime
TV Suedbaden Regional Television from Freiburg
TV Touring 1 TV touring Aschaffenburg
TV Touring 2 TV touring Schweinfurt
TV Touring 3 TV touring Würzburg
TVO TV from Oberfranken
Web VIVA TV Music TV channel with webclips
VOF Regional TV from Vilshofen
Web Waldheim TV Local TV from Großweitzschen
Web WDR The main news programs of the Westdeutscher Rundfunk are shown live
Western TV Westerns
Wetter Recorded and live weatherforecast
Web WM TV Regional TV for Münsterland / Münster
Worm TV Electronic music
Web WWTV Local TV from Wied
ZDF On of the main public TV channels of Germany
Web ZDF Heute Recorded news and special reports
Web ZDF Mediathek Recorded sports items available onwebsite
Web Zwickau TV Local TV from Sachsen

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