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Stream Channel Fav. Information
Web (Radar) INM Radar image of Spain and Portugal
Web 3 Alacarta Three different channels available on website(Catalan)
Web 7 RM Regional TV from Murcia
A3 Noticias News channel
A3 Noticias 24 International News TV channel
Web Alava 7 Local TV from Vitoria
Antena 3 General TV channel
Aragon Television Local TV from Aragon (sometimesonline)
Web Aragon TV Local TV from Aragon
ATEI TV Educativa Iberoamericana
Aullidos TV Film trailers and interviews
Barcelona TV Local TV (shows a webcamview of Barcelona when it is not broadcasting)
Cadena Local Local TV from Madrid
Canal 13 Digital Local TV from Gran Canaria
Web Canal 3/24 Live and recorded news broadcasts. 4 different livestreams available (EN DIRECTE:)
Canal Castello TV Local TV from Castellon
Web Canal Catala TV Local TV from Catala
Canal GV Local TV from Valencia
Web Canal Latino TV from Las Palmas (Gran Canaria)
Canal Parlamento Parliament TV
Canal te General TV channel from Amposta
Canal-29 General TV channel from Vallalodid
Canal-7 Local TV from Madrid
Cartv Regional TV from Aragon
Cervantes TV Culture channel
Cetelmon Christian TV from La Paz
CNN+ News channel
Web Congreso Spanish congress
CRTVG Live from Galicia
EJIDO TV Local TV from El EJido (Almaria)||
Web El Dia Local TV from Tenerife
El Independiente TV from Las Palmas (Gran Canaria)
EsMadrid TV Touristic channel
Estrada TV Local TV from Estrada
ETB Sat Basque television, with several programmes in the BasqueLanguage and Spanish
Fuego TV Christian TV channel
Granollers TV General TV channel
IB3 Regional TV from the balears
Infotelevisio Local TV from Valencia
Intereconomia Financial news
Kiss TV Music TV channel
La Sexta General TV channel
LaOtra Live from Madrid
Localia TV Localia TV, a spanish TV local network, with more than85 afiliates (movies, news, music, talkshows)
M95 Local TV from Marbella
Miguelturra TV Local TV from Castilla-La Mancha
MIRAm Local TV from Barcelona
Mirame TV Local TV from Tenerife
Web Navarra TV Archived streams
Ojos Solidarios TV from Las Palmas (Gran Canaria)
Onda Jerez Local TV of Jerez de la Frontera
Web Ono financiero 24/7 live economical and financial news andStock-Exchange business
Web Pleamar TV Local TV from Cadiz
Popular TV General TV channel
Web RTPA Television of the Principality of Asturias
RTV Estapona Local TV from Estapona
RTV Insular TV from Las Palmas (Gran Canaria)
RTV Tarifa Local TV from Tarifa
Web RTVA Live, programmes from Andalucia: news, music, sport,etc
RTVCE Radiotelevision de Ceuta
RTVV Local TV from Valencia
Samaria TV Local TV from Barcelona
Web Senado Not always online. Live TV from the spanishSenate
Solidaria TV Family channel
Web TEF TV channel from d'Eivissa i Formentera with recordednews
Web Tele Sanlucar Local TV from Sanlucar
Tele Taxi Videclips of spanish artists and comercials. Located inBarcelona
Teleasturias Private TV channel
Telecinco General TV channel (recorded news)
Telemadrid Sat Entertainment, music, sports and news
Telemagik Alternative channel
Teletoledo Local TV from Toledo
Teletrebol General TV channel
TLG Local TV from Gijón
Torrevieja TV Local TV from Torrevieja
Tosiriar TV Local TV
Web Turismo Sevilla TV Touristic channel
TV Almansa General TV channel
TV Amistad Religious TV channel
TV Burgos General TV channel
TV Canaria Regional TV
TV Canaria Internacional General TV channel
TV conciertos Spanish music
Web TV Extremadura General TV channel
TV Ferrol Local TV channel from Galicia
TV Leon General TV channel
Web TV Mallorca Local TV
TV Mas Local TV from the Canary Islands
TV Salamanca General TV channel
TV Segovia General TV channel
TV Zamora TV from the province of Zamora
TVCi Regional TV from Catalunya
Web TVE World news in spanish language
TVVI Canal Autonomico Valencia
UPV TV Universitat Politècnica de València
URJC TV from the University Rey Juan Carlos
Videncia TV Various streams; cooking recipies andentertainment
VTV Local TV from Vilafranca

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